Madame de Rambouillet
Bacholar graduation project 
Team mamber: Willy Chen
Year: 2012

Credit: National Taiwan University of Sciences and Technology.

This is my graduation project in 2012 when I was studying in NTUST, Taiwan. I was working together with another student in the class, and we tried to design a series of service and the hardware in the hair salon. During the research, we found that it could be a nice thing to go to the hair salon with friends and it was actually how SALON this word came from. For people setting together having discussion or any social gatherings.

Instead of the traditional coating on the alloy frame,  we tried to explor the finishing that are corresponding to the environment. so we used very thin thread twining around the whole chair. That was a fully handcrafted process, which created an unique texture visually and aethetically. We are clear in mind that this is not very efficient from the industrial production perspective, but the purpose was to experiment the possibility of the finishing and the value of the handcraft object.

As for the form, we were inspired by the 18th centary women gown while has the function of rotation in 270 degree. By appling the lycra fabric, people feel the embrace sitting on the chair whease the dust and the hairs fallling down when the customers standing up.

Nothing endures but change. -Heraclitus