Tea Soap Packaging Design 

Client: 雪文 
VI design: Ginger Lin

Work at Pili Wu Design

Soap x Tea – Living Program

Finally home and enjoy a relaxing bath, While creamy soap foams tendering your body, Chilly cool bubbles of the hand-shake tea are tickling your tongue tip, Suddenly realize that ecstatic bubbles are not only from the soap!

Tea and Soap are not only in common with their beauty.

Tea varies from the exquisite tea art culture to the hand-shake bubble tea vendors everywhere in streets; Soaps range from the top chic brands affordable mostly by the royal families to the functional basic daily used by the mass pubic.

Drinking and cleaning, both start from water, to purify our body and our mind. Basic needs, negligible but irreplaceable. As creative as the hand-shake bubble tea, our customized hand-made soap gift set replies to your preference. Release you from the dull, monotonous choice, Refresh your mind and body.


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