Premium bike cmf
cmf trend study, analyzation, design
2023 June.

The CMF design principle refers to the use of Color, Material, and Finish to create a visual distinction and enhance the overall appeal of a product. For the next-generation model, where the goal is to differentiate between a premium and more basic appeal, the CMF design plays a crucial role.

Color - To establish a premium look, the premium models can incorporate sophisticated and elegant color schemes. This might include metallic or pearl finishes, such as silver, graphite, or deep blue, which exude a sense of luxury. The color palette should be carefully chosen to reflect a high-end aesthetic and convey a sense of exclusivity.

Material - Premium materials are essential for creating a distinction between the premium and basic models. The coatings should be scratch resistant and when scratches occur, these should be less noticeable than in the more basic models.

Finish - The finish of the premium models should have attention to detail. Elements such as brushed metal accents, precision-machined components, or glossy finishes can be incorporated to add a touch of sophistication. The overall finish should feel luxurious to the touch and visually pleasing.

By implementing these CMF design principles, the premium models can be visually distinguished from the more basic variants. The use of premium colors, materials, and finishes will create an aura of exclusivity and reinforce the idea that the premium models are a higher-end offering.


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